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Graffiti Removal Services operates from various branches within South Africa and is a professional and unique South African Graffiti removal group of companies that offers a specialised range of Graffiti removal products and services to a broad spectrum of clients. We actively market our products and services to residential, corporate, governmental and retail channels.

We are considered one of the pioneers of professional Graffiti removal in South Africa with regular media features across TV, radio and print. In 2007 alone we participated in over 15 documentaries, discussions or articles relating to Graffiti.

Since our inception in 2004 we have successfully removed thousands of Graffiti tags from various surfaces. South Africa has a serious and growing Graffiti problem that needs to be effectively dealt with by government, corporates and individuals alike as a social responsibility to prevent South Africa from falling into a decay of unsightly property vandalism.

At G.R.S we believe that there are four factors contributing to the success of our business:

  1. Knowledge of the Graffiti removal market
  2. The best products and services available
  3. Supplying skilled and experienced technicians on site
  4. The finest reputation and word of mouth from satisfied customers


Since 2004 Graffiti Removal Services has removed 258777 unsightly Graffiti tags from various surfaces.