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At G.R.S, we offer a combination of 20 products and services relating to Graffiti spray paint removal, Graffiti shadow removal, Graffiti marker pen removal, fly poster removal, anti-Graffiti protective coatings, Graffiti prevention programs, general paint removal and a variety of high pressure cleaning services.

We provide our clientele with a comprehensive solution to the removal of Graffiti. This is due to our skilled techniques, extensive experience and expertise, which is needed to execute and ensure effective and complete Graffiti removal processes. Incorrect Graffiti removal products or procedures could result in further Graffiti substrate penetration, Graffiti smudging or sealing therefore worsening the overall substrate appearance and increasing the overall Graffiti removal cost.

In addition, we offer the following services:

  • High pressure cleaning to remove dirt and grime.
  • Removing mortar and cleaning face brick at construction sites.
  • Cleaning walkways and cement passages.
  • Treating oil stains on driveways and paving.
  • Painting services including onsite colour matching.
  • Product sourcing and distribution to end-users.

G.R.S also offers various service options ranging from once off to quarterly contracts.

Quality products and service excellence support all of the above services at all times.