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1) What to do when your property has been vandalized by Graffiti?
  • Report the incident to your local police station, as it is malicious damage to property.
  • Take photos to assist with possible prosecution.
  • Contact a reputable Graffiti Removal Company to establish your options for the most effective and inexpensive way to remove the Graffiti.
  • Remove Graffiti ASAP

2) Possible solutions to prevent Graffiti?
  • Keep the outside appearance of your property clean and neat.
  • Make sure you have sufficient lighting around your property.
  • Incorporate natural barriers such as creepers or thorny plants.
  • Restrict unauthorised access to properties, by keeping gates locked and removing articles that could be used to climb over walls.
  • Set-up a neighbourhood watch to monitor areas that are regularly targeted by Graffiti vandals.
  • Educate the community on how Graffiti negatively impacts on businesses and neighbourhoods.
  • Employ extra security where required.
  • Remove Graffiti immediately as research shows that removal within 24-48 hours should result in a definite decrease in the re-occurrence of Graffiti.

3) What is the point in removing Graffiti - won't it just come back again?

Removing Graffiti tags immediately is very important. Not removing these tags is a sure drawing card for other Graffiti taggers to vandalize your property, as focus is placed on a specific area for taggers to compete and show off their work. Not removing Graffiti from your property could be interpreted as tolerance towards Graffiti.

Numerous times we have personally seen this occur where companies have not addressed the issue immediately, resulting in a substantial increase in Graffiti tags as well as financial cost due to Graffiti tags increasing and becoming more elaborate.

Should a specific area continuously be tagged, one can always apply an Anti-Graffiti shield to ensure easy removal of Graffiti. Alternatively, one could consider becoming a Graffiti Clear Partner whereby, for a certain agreed period, all Graffiti will be actively removed. This would result in breaking the cycle of continuous and excessive Graffiti tagging.

4) Can I paint out Graffiti?

Yes, it is possible to paint out Graffiti on painted surfaces, however you should first determine if you are able to match your original paint colour by testing a small inconspicuous area.

By not matching the original paint colour, one could easily create a section that could be seen as a fresh canvass by Graffiti vandals. Furthermore the appearance could be substantially worsened.

It is also advisable to remove Graffiti prior to re-painting surfaces, as there is a possibility for Graffiti resurfacing once the new paint coat has been applied. This particularly refers to instances where Graffiti colours are darker than the paint to be used when re-painting.

5) What is the quotation procedure?

G.R.S quotes on specific sites where our services are required and quotations are free of charge. Labour and product costs are included in the quoted price.

G.R.S aims to remove Graffiti within 72 hours after receiving a valid order number for the supplied quote. Please note this time frame is subject to Graffiti Removal teams being available and our general workload at the time.

Our quote would take into consideration the amount of Graffiti that needs to be removed as well as the underlying surface, as different surfaces require different techniques and cleaning times. G.R.S will keep digital image recordings of "before and after" Graffiti Removals which will be available upon request or on presentation of invoice.

6) What is the cost in removing Graffiti?

Graffiti removal costs are generally calculated on Graffiti Size, although factors such as the number of colours and layers of Graffiti also play a role.

Quotations are greatly affected by the type and quality of the underlying surface. Certain surfaces are more labour intensive whereas others are more time consuming due to the nature of the surface.

7) Can I remove Graffiti myself?

Often with new Graffiti, it is possible to remove Graffiti yourself, however if “substrate penetration” has occurred, whereby the Graffiti has penetrated the surface, a variety of products including a pressure washer would be needed to obtain the best results. With sensitive painted surfaces and signage, it is better to contract an experienced Graffiti Removal company.